Support the Ember Power Project

The Ember Power Project started with the goal of providing the Ember ecosystem with a set of curated components that cover common UX needs, built in Ember and designed work well in Ember apps., from following good patterns like DDAU to also be test-friend and render property in Fastboot.

Over the time this evolved a bit into a theory of how an ecosystem should shape it's addons: Basic components that compose to create more complex components using good practices and allowing programmers to customize or directly replace the parts they don't like.

Those components are divided in three tiers of complexity:

  • Building blocks: Components that do only one thing but do it right. They are low-level, take very few opinions and are focused on flexibility. Ember Basic Dropdown and ember-text-measurer are two of them.
  • Power Components: Components that solve an UX problen The Ember Way. That is, they provide opinions and work out of the box with a nice public API, yet provide hooks for the users to customize or replace parts of it. Ember Power Select and Ember Power Calendar are of this kind.
  • Power Meta-addons: Components that based on other components of the second tier but customize them for a specific purpose or pattern that is common enough to deserve to be shared so other users can use them without having to do the customization themselves. ember-power-select-sortable, ember-power-select-typeahead, ember-power-select-with-fallback are some examples, but there is many more.

By creating a network if addons that compose between them to create even more addons, we share more. The more we share, the smaller our apps become because we don't need to reinvent wheels.

If you enjoy the addons this project provides and they help you in your daily work, you can support the development of the addons and it's documentation pages with a any contribution you feel appropiate by clicking on the button below but above all, by contributing, opening issues and Pull Requests, answering questions in Slack or StackOverflow and above all, showing appreciation for everyone who works on the Open Source Software we all use everyday.

Thank you!